Origin of my YouTube Documentary on Iraq WMD — and then some

What does it say to you that a conversation as complex as uranium enrichment could be hijacked by 10-second sound bites?

An axiom for self-deception is that irrationality is directly proportional to the individual’s emotional investment in the issue. The more personal the subject matter, the more ridiculous a person is willing to be.

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, Sean Hannity asked an excellent question that can be altered to apply in any context. And yet the same person who posed that perfectly-framed probe, would never risk a crack in his convictions on Iraq by applying the same principle of intellectual inquiry.

Any conversation on pre-war intelligence that doesn’t include the names Professor Houston WoodDavid Albright, and Greg Thielmann is an exercise in ignorance. I’ve been in contact with all three — digging deeper into this subject matter than all others before.

Last July I interviewed world-renowned nuclear scientist Professor Wood — the North Star on the nuclear charge.

I had been in email correspondence with him for months, but it became clear that an in-person interview was needed, and to my great fortune he granted it. Originally that interview was intended solely as research for the book I am writing, but the timing of the trip came with a twist. The Zimmerman verdict arrived the following weekend, and the aftermath of senseless certitude reminded me of the decade of delusion on Iraq.

When I witnessed Tamara Holder respond to Hannity’s question with such an outrageous answer, I knew I had a golden opportunity on my hands.

I immediately turned off the TV and started typing — and 1 week and 20 pages later, I had a pretty darn good paper. I wrote it with a Facebook audience in mind (knowing full well that hardly anyone would take the time to read it). But to seize the moment and flesh out my thoughts as fast as possible, I needed a tangible audience (even if only imaginary). So I posted it on Facebook and got exactly what I expected.

And then it hit me — what if I could take that material and transform it into a medium that might raise some eyebrows? On that day I started writing my very first script.

In a society that systematically derails reason, evidence alone cannot penetrate such depths of duplicity. As a conduit to the recognition of reality, I inject elements of emotion into my documentary — to illustrate how people behave when their interests are at stake.

The psychological gymnastics of bunk-ridden beliefs is far and away the biggest barrier to a better world. We need a tectonic shift in critical thinking skills — and to do that we need to start looking at the root of problems instead of spinning our wheels on the symptoms.

Great minds throughout the ages provided a wealth of wisdom to prevent the folly of our ways. And yet here we are in perennial pursuit of ideologies — warfare waged with “opinions lightly adopted but firmly held . . . forged from a combination of ignorance, dishonesty, and fashion” (to quote Theodore Dalrymple).

From Prologue to Epilogue, my 7-part video shines a light on what we have become.

Thank you for your time and I hope that you enjoy it.

Richard W. Memmer

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  1. So far I have watched the prologue, act one and act two. I am a conservative person when it comes to politics, but I agree with the majority of what is being said. It is in my opinion that Richard is really trying to get to the bottom of this very serious issue and he is doing a fantastic way of reporting both sides! So far I give this documentary 4 out of 4 stars!

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