A Conversation with Gernot Zippe

An Austrian scientist, Gernot Zippe, is widely credited as the father of the modern uranium centrifuge. His design included the key elements that made the machines efficient and reliable: a needlelike metal bearing that supports the rotor at the bottom and a set of magnets that keep the top of the rotor stable. — How Brazil Spun the Atom

The documentary includes a key clip of Professor Wood interviewing Gernot Zippe in 2003 — which I have included below. The full 45 minutes can be viewed at the Institute For Science And International Security — which was founded by David Albright.

The report cover below is from the consulting that Zippe did during the late 50s at the University of Virginia — which science historian Alex Wellerstein addresses in his excellent article on Zippe and the evolution of centrifuge technology. Zippe is quite a fascinating story — so I’ll be adding some commentary to this section later.

Zippe at UVA - Development of Short Bowl Ultra Centrifuges


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