Snapshot of Website & Source Material

What does it say to you that a conversation as complex as uranium enrichment could be hijacked by 10-second sound bites?

My website offers an array of supporting materials—supplemental evidence, other documentaries, a comprehensive look at uranium enrichment, clips that capture what the media has become, and insights into the psychological maneuvering of bunk-ridden beliefs. Below the links are some additional resources for reference. Just browsing through this small sampling alone will give you some idea of what it took to seamlessly connect all of this material.


View Documentary


Supplemental Evidence

Full Documentaries

Uranium Enrichment

Psychological Gymnastics

Clicking on Images Will Take You to the Site:


ISIS - Separating Fact From Fiction




Washington Post - Depiction of Threat


New York Times - How The White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence


Senate Intelligence Report on Iraq WMD

Senate Intelligence Report on Iraq WMD

Robb-Silberman Report


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Mount Everest Of The Obvious_Postcard_back

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