1. Hi Ricky,

    I just watched the Prologue and I was really impressed! Your opening is an attention grabber and the ending is perfect. You set this up perfectly for Act I. It certainly makes me want to see more.

    Well done!!

    Love ya,

    Mom :o)

    1. Thanks a million, Mom! :o) Very happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Speaking of attention getters and setting up the next Act, it’s funny how so many things from the past found their way into this thing in one way or another. Even the debate I did at Purdue on the extinction of the dinosaurs played a role. On top of just the debate aspect (which obviously ties to making an argument)–the opener for our debate team was a slide that showed a cartoon of a couple of dinosaurs smoking cigarettes with a caption that read “The real reason that dinosaurs became extinct.” Kinda silly but it worked–it caught the attention of the audience.

      So yeah, all the presentations over the years in one form or another played a role — as well as many other things. So while I’m an amateur in the documentary domain–I had a lot of experience that provided the basis for doing it. Thanks again for the great feedback — and for all your excellent input to help make the website better along with the distribution letter I sent out.

      Love ya,


  2. Looks great! Excited to see the rest! Great intro and great work on pulling in actual video clips into the overall message!

  3. Thanks a bunch, Jimmy–very much appreciated!! Please spread the word whenever you can. :o) Yeah, we pulled in as many video clips as we could — but some just weren’t available (which was really frustrating in a few places throughout the documentary). But oh well, I feel fortunate that we were able to obtain as many as we did. Really happy to hear that you enjoyed the intro so much! :o)

    1. Thank you, Rick, for both the story of the origin of cognitive dissonance theory and your video on looking at evidence with intellectual honesty. I was mesmerized even though I had known zero about that Iraq story. The content and the presentation of your video were outstanding. Sadly, too much of the time, self-interest takes precedence over the scientific method. When you have an opportunity, please send me the side comments you mentioned. Thank you, again.

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