Uranium Enrichment

Animation - URENCO

This opening clip in Act I is a modified compilation of 3 animations that includes URENCO’s virtual tour called Xperience — which is an incredibly vivid journey through their “enrichment facilities that provides an insight into our everyday operations and an understanding of how the uranium enrichment process works.”

For my purposes, I just needed the first 2 stages — but I highly recommend taking the tour to get a more comprehensive look.

What Xperience does not illustrate is the processing it takes to produce the uranium hexafluoride (UF6) in the cylinder you see below. That missing piece is absolutely essential to the aluminum tubes story, so I had my videographer Shane Killian embed a second video into URENCO’s Xperience — which is the Conversion Process from Uranium Milling to Yellowcake to UF6 Cylinder animation you see below:

Animation - URENCO and Conversion Process

Note: There is an extended version of Xperience that you can download as well:

Xperience - Download section

URENCO Nederland


As explained in the History section below, URENCO is a European uranium consortium:


History and wider governance issues

URENCO was established in 1971 following the entering into force of the Treaty of Almelo signed by the governments of Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and was incorporated as an English private limited liability company on 31 August 1971. The Treaty of Almelo establishes the fundamental principles for effective supervision of URENCO’s technology, centrifuge manufacturing and URENCO’s enrichment operations. A committee comprising representatives of the governments of the signatory countries (the ‘Joint Committee’), exercises this role but has no role in the day-to-day operations of URENCO.

The Joint Committee considers all questions concerning the safeguards system (as established by IAEA and EURATOM), classification arrangements and security procedures, exports of the technology and Enriched Uranium Product (EUP), and other non-proliferation issues. In this respect the Joint Committee also considers issues connected with any changes in URENCO’s ownership and transfers of technology. URENCO’s Executive Management meets with the Joint Committee on a periodic basis.

In order to permit the completion (in 2006) of the joint venture with Areva regarding the Group’s technology business Enrichment Technology Company (ETC), France needed to adhere to the principles of the Treaty of Almelo, through a new treaty (the Treaty of Cardiff) which was signed on 12 July 2005. A further requirement for completion of the transaction was to obtain European Commission competition clearance. This was granted on 1 July 2006. The terms of the clearance require certain commitments from URENCO and Areva to ensure that URENCO and Areva remain competitors in the field of enrichment and that no commercially sensitive information passes between URENCO and Areva by virtue of their being joint Shareholders of ETC.

Additionally, there is a treaty in place between Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America (the Treaty of Washington, signed on 24 July 1992) which was required in order to permit the establishment of URENCO’s fourth enrichment plant which is currently under construction in New Mexico.



  1. Excellent. Very good, and most useful. URENCO and nuclear technology is the future. We have to stop being silly about radiation and uranium processing. If we want an “Electricity-powered” world, instead of an oil-powered world (with toxic greenhouse gases that will choke us like Los Angeles acid-smog of the 1970’s), we are going to need a *lot* of nuclear reactors. Reactors need enriched yellow-cake. U-Hexaflouride (UH6) and centrifuges can get us the good-stuff, and we will need to radio-burn that good stuff to make the steam to spin the turbines to make the current. Solar and wind-mills will not make anywhere near enough juice to power our existing grids, and we cannot magically whip-up a whole bunch of new Niagara Falls’s as our populations grow.

    When I throw a switch – I want the machines to start. And if some yellowcake ends up in nuke-bombs that get used to hang over Vladimir Putin’s ugly head, well, then oh my gosh, that is even better, is it not?

    Nuclear power – all kinds – is a *very good thing*. If some bad guys get whacked, and some big problems get fixed, then that is even more of a bonus. Let’s recognize this.

    1. Appreciate your thoughts, Grepler! Funny you mentioned, “We have to stop being silly” — because that’s ultimately what my documentary is out to say (about everything in America that is debated in a childish manner). For Colin Powell’s case at the UN to have any merit on the tubes — they would have to violate the laws of physics. The rotor speed required to separate uranium isotopes doesn’t care who’s president. But in this fantasyland of America — where wishful thinking “qualifies” as valid opinion, you can believe anything and get away it with ease (because they’ve got “friends” who feel the same). Never mind that they have no idea what they’re talking about — and what’s worse, they make it impossible to even explain to them. In case you’re interested, here’s an example of that from my other site. Thanks again for your thoughtful input! “Water is Not Wet — And I Stand by That”: https://onevoicebecametwo.life/2022/04/09/water-is-not-wet-and-i-stand-by-that/

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